Surprise Illustrations!

I am very pleased to announce that I have agreed to draw THREE unique, SURPRISE illustrations in the back of first print, first edition copies of CHARLIE CHANGES INTO A CHICKEN.

These books will be sold in a prize draw as part of OXJAM FESTIVAL STRATFORD EAST, with all money donated to Oxfam, who work to alleviate poverty in the some of the poorest countries of the world.

The illustrations are original and unique pieces drawn on the end-papers, by my own fair hands. The books are also signed on the title page by the author, the brilliant Sam Copeland, and by myself.

There are, (and will only ever be) THREE like this anywhere in the world.

One has already sold for a princely sum, leaving two collectors’ items remaining.

To take part in the PRIZE DRAW on the 31st October, please leave your contact details along with your donation on OXJAM STRATFORD EAST’s Just Giving page. Link here.

All proceeds go directly to the work of OXFAM.

Follow Oxjam on Instagram at @oxjamstratfordeast

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